• /gamemode <0-2> <player>
    • 0=Survival 1=Creative 2=Adventure
  • /tp [playername] <targetplayer>
    • For example, /tp Notch Dinnerbone
  • /gamerule [Rule] [True,False] (Usually for Mapmakers)
    • commandBlockOutput - Whether command blocks should notify admins when they perform commands.
    • doFireTick - Whether fire should spread.
    • doMobLoot - Whether mobs should drop items.
    • doMobSpawning - Whether mobs should naturally spawn.
    • doTileDrops - Whether blocks should have drops.
    • keepInventory - Whether the player should keep items in their inventory if they die.
    • mobGriefing - Whether creepers, endermen, ghasts, and withers should be able to change blocks.
    • doDaylightCycle - Toggles the day-night cycle (the sun stops moving and stays where it is) (added in 1.6.1)
    • naturalRegeneration - Toggles natural health regeneration (Ibid)