Minecraft Parkour Map

This is a picture of what the platform is going to look like (Nathan)
This is where i got the ideas for my map
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRZlrBDezD9uoYMVupj3voJiU5FU_tv5TCstIC1cI5GldmeuhbbYXxokekV
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQatJS6SrQwPwgBctXL5qDxTOCpx77CCrIqchfPvJKCiHq8EUkcPRThejON

This is my progress today:
minecraft parkour part 1.JPG
Today chris joined me and i gave him the job of making the parkour *cheat proof* and I began to build the parkour. This is a picture of the start of it.

Steps to back up a server:
1: go to run and type in %appdata% and click on .minecraft
2: Click on saves
3: take ur minecraft map save and copy and paste it into your personal folder
today nate and tried to make a trap parkour


Today I Thomas built the spawn house for the players. The house will have game rules and decorations but for now i just have the house done.
minecraft parkour part 2.jpg

minecraft parkour.jpgMinecraftMEGA.png

The sky Parkour.pngspawn room.jpg


Thomas ProgressHotel.png

minecraft parkour 1.png
Nathans Progress